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Fort Dupont1978 Ice Hockey Club, founded in 1978 by Neal Henderson, is a developmental program that provides local and inner-city youth with the opportunity to participate in an organized ice hockey program. Skaters have a wide range of experience in skating and playing the game along with ages ranging from 8 - 17. Our goal is to provide educational purpose and teach young people discipline, via sports activities, to establish self-esteem, a sense of purpose, and to offer an incentive to excel academically. The Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club was champion of the Junior Varsity Tier III Division in the 1995 Purple Puck.  We placed third in the 2nd Annual GonzagaGreater Glory Tournament in 1999, placed first in the 8th Annual Purple Puck, American Division in 2000, placed first in the Purple Puck, American Division in 2003,
 placed third in the Purple Puck in 2004 and placed first in the 13th Annual Gonzaga National CPurple Puckapital Hockey Tournament (The Purple Puck) in 2005. Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club is one of only thirty-four programs throughout the United States and Canada privileged to be a member of the National Hockey League's (NHL) Hockey Is For Everyone (HIFE) Program and the oldest minority hockey program.

Fort Dupont, named for Civil War naval hero Samuel Francis Dupont, is one of the forts that are collectively known as the Civil War Defenses of Washington, D.C. Our colors, contrary to popular belief, are not the Boston Bruins colors. The Black in our colors represent the Black soldiers who defended the fort. The Gold represents the brass buttons on their uniforms. The White represents the White officers.


1978 - 2015 Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club